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Kerry CPC Training


CPC Courses in Farranfore. Less than 20 Minutes from Killarney and Tralee.
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Control of the vehicle and eco-driving techniques. This CPC training module deals with characteristics of the transmission system, effective use of safety controls on buses and trucks and optimisation of fuel consumption.  

Session 1:

  • Curves relating to Torque and Engine Power

  • Vehicle Transmissions

  • Axle Configurations and the Final Drive

  • Fuel Consumption and Economical Driving

  • Managing Vehicle Inertia

  • Uncoupling/Recoupling Procedures

Session 2:

  • Braking Systems

  • Retardation Devices/Endurance Brakes

  • Road Speed Limiter /Speed Limitation Device

  • Driver Assistance Technologies

  • Action in the Event of a Breakdown

  • CVRT (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing)

Kerry CPC Training
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